What we’re about

We are a non-profit organisation formed in June 2011, and based in Trinidad & Tobago. The organisation is run by a core group of people, with other members coming on board periodically to help organise our various projects.


The idea for this was born out of a couple needs. Firstly, we found that there was need in Trinidad for a bit more positivity. With all that goes on in mainstream media, and the shortage of accessible outlets through which people can express any altuistic tendencies, we felt that a new platform was needed.

Also, we wanted an alternative that had as little bureaucracy and process as possible. We wanted something literally as simple as “show up, share”, with no complicated forms, signups or memberships.


Through this, we ultimately aim to create a platform that both encourages and facilitates, giving and sharing from anyone who is interested. We’ll do this by organising projects and opportunities of our own, and by hosting opportunities from other organisations and groups. We hope to provide enough avenues that someone coming to us with the desire to share would be able to jump in right away.


Our approach
– Our philosophy
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