Manners maketh community

Manners maketh community

We’re thinking of how best to build a community around what we want to do. In searching for ideas we came across this lovely post from GOOD on some simple guidelines for a good community. It’s got tips for both online and in-person interactions. Here’s the adapted list below.


Be yourself

We encourage you to use your real name when interacting online. Share Goodness is a place to connect with people you respect — use your real name and others can get to know you as someone they respect as well.

Not for sale

Got something you’re especially proud of that you’d like to promote? If it makes sense within the topic to which we’re discussing, go for it.

However, blatant advertising and spam aren’t the name of the game. If we see a post/comment that feels like an infomercial, we’ll take it down.

Keep it relevant

Even the best-intentioned contribution isn’t going to hold much value out of context. For instance, if you share a thoughtful comment about sustainable seafood in the middle of an online privacy discussion, it will likely not be noticed.

Flame off

While we welcome you to engage in lively debate, don’t make it personal. No bullying, no flaming, and no finger pointing. Everyone’s opinion is valid, and everyone should feel welcome to contribute to the conversation. Please do your part to welcome newer members!

Keep it clean

We agree the occasional, well-placed expletive can really drive home a point. And images don’t have to be puritanical as long as they support a contribution. But pornography, blatant profanity, or anything illegal is obviously out.

Content curation

We reserve the right to modify, edit, refuse or reuse anything you contribute. Specifically, we may occasionally edit out inappropriate content from an otherwise outstanding comment. The good news is, we also may take a thread you’ve started and highlight it on our pages.

Raise the flag

If you run across anything on our page or in discussions that doesn’t jive — be it spam, bullying or just plain inappropriate — please let us know.

Taking a time out

If you blatantly disregard these guidelines, we’ll give you a heads up. Continued offenses though will result in us blocking you from our page.

Contribute like you give a damn

More than anything, use your common sense and good manners. As you become familiar with the our vibe, you’ll know what’s right and wrong. We look forward to you contributing and collaborating with the Share Goodness community.
Questions and feedback are always welcome. A great place to start is our Contact Page.