Mt. Hope Visit – Tag Along

Mt. Hope Visit – Tag Along

First off, we want to thank our friends over at the Youth arm of the Sai Organization for hosting this project and giving us the opportunity to join in.

Their mission in a nutshell was to bring joy and positivity to the Mt. Hope Paediatrics Ward.

The Issue

What they’ve found is that the ward plays host to a number of kids who are either sick or injured, and need medical care. A lot of these kids come from less fortunate homes (some no homes at all) and don’t have the luxuries many of us have grown accustomed to. Some of them aren’t even fortunate enough to have someone familiar staying with them or visiting them regularly, especially given their vulnerable state.

Their Solution

It was very interesting to see how the entire thing was handled.

Our first task was to bring to the kids, toys, and treats made up of items contributed by members. It may sound simple but we all know how much kids love and appreciate a good snack and something new to play with.

Bagging stuff to give out

This was only the first element though. The major part of the project was the actual giving of our time. We split up into teams and set about visiting the different wards to distribute what we’d brought and spend time with them. Everyone played with the kids (of varying ages), entertained and interacted with them in their own unique ways. We used games we brought, talked with them, and even sang with some of them. Some of our guys found some interesting ‘props’ around the ward too (for all those who had the pleasure of meeting ‘Shawn’).

The nurses and doctors joined in on the fun too and seemed very appreciative of the fact that someone other than themselves cared for these kids.

He was more positive than we were!

It was amazing how pure and unworried kids can be. Once you started interacting with them you literally see them drop everything they would be thinking/worrying about and be entirely in the moment and enjoying it (an ability a lot of us lost somewhere along the way).

The Result

At the end of the day, what we accomplished was spreading positivity and helping to brighten these kids’ day.  The entire project encouraged a certain level of happiness and positive thinking both in the ‘share-ers’ and the ‘share-ees’ (an objective we’re borrowing from our friends over at Positive Influencer).

In our talks with some of the ‘Sai Youth’ during the day, we actually gained some excellent insights from their general beliefs with regards to positivity.
We’re going to get a little philosophical here so bear with us.

What we’ve learned is that it’s a core belief that any positive deeds, words or even thoughts and moods contribute to the general energy level of our environment. We as humans have this amazing gift to choose what we do, speak and think since ‘free will’ is unique to us. Choose to think positively and these vibrations are sent out into our surroundings and contribute to lifting the energies. Think negatively though, and we become disruptive to Mother Nature and the environment (and she in turn rebels).

It’s definitely a different way of looking at how we contribute to our planet!

The day was also very fulfilling on a personal level for many of the people involved. How can you not be moved by this bouncing baby who we were told by the nurses was a Social Case since for whatever reasons her parents either wouldn’t or couldn’t be a part of the picture.

Our tiny new friend

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity again to the Sai Youth and we definitely look forward to working with you guys again sometime in the future.

Pictures courtesy:
flickr  pinoy_md