Terrence – First time blood donor

Terrence – First time blood donor

Terrence – First time blood donor – For those who are terrified of giving blood

The idea of my blood leaving my body makes my hands cold sweat, and every inch of my body weak – thinking, speaking, seeing blood to me,  is like what Kryptonite is to Superman!

I always declined and made numerous excuses, but one day an opportunity arose. My friend’s dad needed blood – it was a matter of life and death! I immediately rose to the call.

When I arrived by myself to the hospital I signed and picked a number. I sat and waited to be called upon; a nurse called my name into a room where she took my weight, height and checked my blood count. The next item was the personal interview, which I passed….but the nurse found out that I only had a sandwich…and sent me back to eat a full meal and return!

When I was stuffed, I returned and the process started….

I looked away the entire time, I kept myself distracted…the needle went in with a little pinch and from there I felt NO PAIN, NO LOSS OF BLOOD! I was being monitored, and offered an orchard juice, which I gladly drank while I was donating blood.

The whole process of extracting blood took 4-5 minutes…and again I held my breath, covered my face expecting pain from the needle when it comes out… even though I was being laughed at, I didn’t mind the embarrassment….still with my face covered the process was over with no pain…whew!

I drove myself home and drank lots of fluid – however I did end up taking a nap.

I’m looking forward to the next three months where again, I will be able to save a life, a stranger or even a family member!