UPDATE: Selection of Perfection – ‘Lessons’ with a Difference

UPDATE: Selection of Perfection – ‘Lessons’ with a Difference

Earlier this week we received an email from an interesting guy. He had some pretty cool ideas so we hitched our team together and set up a meet with him. We knew he had a day job and that he gave lessons on the side. We were clearly mistaken.

First up, let’s straighten that statement out. On meeting this guy, it was clear that he first gives lessons and then has a day job on the side. We were blown away by his level of detail and dedication, but before we go further, we’ll give a little background on him.

His story

So our friend, Mr. D, was once an average student not much different from the people he teaches. He was ambitious too. Early on though, he was told that if he wanted to do Medicine (he hadn’t decided on it yet) it would have been close to impossible for financial reasons and he’d have to settle for something a little ‘cheaper’.

This realisation drove a young Mr. D to winning a scholarship (back when scholarships were much harder to win) but he swears to this day he has no idea how he could have done it at the time since he was pretty much ‘shooting blind’. Fast forward to today where he’s now using that experience to help teach other students exactly how to replicate this excellence.

His passion

Getting back to our recap, we knew we were going to meet a guy who was interested in helping students succeed, but we did not expect ‘him’. From the get go this guy’s passion blew us away. He told us that his real motivation was just to be a guide for kids who knew they wanted to succeed and had the drive, but were just lacking the guidance. And guidance they got at this place.

We’re not going to divulge his Trade Secrets (and trust us, he has some) but what we are going to say is that he is as detailed and meticulous as one can be, and has gone out of his way to gather resources and aids to help his students excel. While we were there, work was actually being done on the building as he told us all about his grand plans for expansion. He also let on that his personal compensation was not an issue at all if he saw a student who genuinely wanted to learn but who maybe didn’t possess the financial means to benefit from him.

In essence; here’s a guy who cares, and here’s a guy who got in touch with us to help out. And with a brilliant idea too.

Our plans

On to what we discussed on that evening now. What we all noticed was that Trinidad as a society has a chronic problem where we don’t nurture our talented and our motivated. I’m sure we can all think of that brilliant person back in our class or school who we thought could cure cancer or be the next Einstein, or maybe that outstanding athlete who could be a real record-breaker.

Where are they today though?

We can certainly tell you that among our team, we know at least one or two of these talented youngsters who have fallen by the wayside. Without that support and guidance from the right sources, these people were unable to develop their talents and follow through to do something great and sadly, we as a society have definitely LOST OUT. We have things in the works to help fix this though; and definitely this guy’s passion and teaching skills will be a key asset in doing these things.


This is an update on just one of the things we’re up to. We’ll be doing some follow-up posts when we’ve developed it further and we need some help (hint: it’ll be Time and Talent we’ll be looking for) so be on the lookout for that.

From all of us here at Share Goodness, ’til next time. Ciao!

Photo credit: flickr csb13