What We’re All About

What We’re All About

The Idea

The idea of this thing is that, more than an organisation, our aim is to be a movement. We want to be a movement towards encouraging and facilitating generosity and altruism in a world where such qualities are becoming scarcer and scarcer. We want to make it easy for you to give. We want to make it easy for you to share.


What We Are

So, how are we different from any other charitable organisation?

Well first up, we’re not trying to be a ‘charitable organisation’ in the conventional sense of the word. Yes we’ll have our core group of volunteers and members (call them agents if you will) whose primary tasks would be to help us source and put together ‘projects’. But we’re aiming to position ourselves more as a tool than a foundation . . . a tool to help anyone in T&T find and contribute to something we offer that personally excites them.

Our function would be to match our users to different events, projects or just on-going causes. And note that we said ‘users’ and not ‘members’. This is because we want it to be open to anyone who’s interested so as to keep the process as clean and simple as possible. We want to make it easy for you to give. We want to make it easy for you to share.

In this light, we actually plan to work with other charitable organisations and give our users the option to join in on projects and endeavours these entities may set out on. We think this is a win-win situation, where our users are offered a broader selection of options, and existing ‘charitable partners’ would benefit from increased patronage.


And how exactly do we propose going about this ‘sharing’?


Simple. We plan to do this using our own home-grown, patented (well, patent pending) concept of the three Ts:

TIME    |     TALENT    |      THINGS

Share your Time. Nothing is more precious, or personal, to us than our time, and to give of this Time is akin to giving of yourself. When you spend time helping a fellow human being you become personally involved in the action, you become invested, and it becomes all the more meaningful to parties both on the giving and receiving ends.

Share your Talent. We all have our special skills, our unique Talents. For those of us who have found ours, we’ll help find an avenue for you to put these to good use. And for those of us who think we don’t have one, we’ll work with you and prove you wrong. Because everyone has a talent. Be it helping put together a small house for the poor family who just lost everything in a fire, or cooking at a kitchen catering to the homeless, or simply helping us with day-to-day administration, we’re positive we can find some way to benefit those in need, and maybe score some ‘karma points’ too.

Share your Things. For a lot of us, there is never a shortage of Things. We obsess over things, spend hours shopping for them, relish in using them, and then quickly move on to finding the next thing. But what happens to the old items we leave behind. For many people, these items can be of immense use still. We’ll find a way to help you put these ‘old things’ to better use. We’ll help you find a new home for them.
And it doesn’t always have to be old things too. Feel free to donate anything you want to share, anything you feel has added some value to you and that could bring this same joy and utility to someone else.

Our focus here is to share within these three categories. We don’t want to get involved with money from our users, because we feel this tends to complicate things. Moreso, however, we want our users to be involved, and sharing either your Time, your Talent, or your Things helps to add that personal touch that you just can’t get by handing over some cash or writing a cheque.


And how are we going to offer these options to our users?


Our primary interface would be our website. We aim to set up a website that is simple and functional. Its main purpose would be to lay out all the options available to users, and facilitate users signing up for whichever project they choose.

We also plan to make this a social process. We plan to incorporate strong integration with social media sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.). We want to interact with our users and offer things that make each share memorable, and that they could in turn share with their friends. This may include posting of photos from past events/ projects, creating badges and other paraphernalia, and any other ideas we can think up in the coming weeks.

Of course this is easier said than done, and there would be a lot of technical work involved here, but we’ll worry about that for now. All we want you to do is focus on the sharing. Remember,

“The greatest difficulty with the world today is not the ability to produce, but the unwillingness to share.”   – Roy L. Smith