Why Ideas?

Do we really need them?

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We as an organisation are all about finding ways to facilitate the sharing of goodness across T&T in whatever form or fashion that might come.

To best do this, we need to identify those gaps in society and then come up with creative and effective ways to fill them. Ideas are a really good starting point at moving the conversation forward and changing it to action.

In this series of posts we will be exploring how people both in our own community and in others around the world are coming up with ways to rethink problems and solve them using novel techniques. Our aim is to look at how these situations are reflected in different parts of T&T and maybe even how we can borrow certain elements to create distinctly localised solutions.

We want to hear from you too. We encourage you all to actively engage in the comments below posts and on our social profiles.

So now that you know, we invite you to continue through to our IdeaSpace

Photo credit: Behance