Our Approach

Our ultimate goal is to be a broad platform for sharing goodness. To accomplish this and provide as many opportunities as possible, we play host to both our own projects and projects from partners who we lend assistance to.


Here we take a very general approach in deciding how to shape our projects. We look for issues that:

  • offer the best opportunity for volunteers to share their time, talents or things, or
  • we feel are especially in need of attention

We then get our teams in place, come up with the best ways to tackle these problems, and then publish these opportunities for volunteers to get involved.

While our primary focus is on attracting ‘end-user’ volunteers, we’re always looking for help at the other stages of the process from problem finding, to designing a project strategy, and finally to implementing it.

Feel free to get in touch for more info on how you can fit into our process. We’re always on the lookout for passionate people.

Also, check out what we have on right now here


There are a lot of other organisations in Trinidad doing great work to progress the Trini society. They range in nature from awareness to advocacy to action, and they focus on a wide variety of topical issues.

We may not always have a project that can suit your particular talents and motivations, but we’re sure one of our partners do. These projects can always use the extra help since for many of them (as with ours) there can never be too many volunteers.

Check out what’s currently on here