Our 1st Blood Drive – A Recap

Our 1st Blood Drive – A Recap

Now before we get into any of the details of the drive, we first off just want to say thank you.

  • To all our sponsors, thank you.
  • To all those who helped get us on the airwaves, thank you. To our friends in Trincity who got us that awesome radio ad, thank you.
  • To all those who personally gave of their time, talent and things for this event, thank you.
  • And finally, to all our donors, without whom that day would not even be possible, you guys deserve it, our biggest, most heartfelt THANK YOU!

So as most of you probably already know, Saturday’s Blood Drive was a tremendous success. We’re just going to give a quick recap of the entire project and it’s outcomes for you curious fans, members and well-wishers who are dying for just a bit more.

What we set out to do

On the surface it seems pretty obvious…collect blood. But deeper than that, our real aim was to contribute to a solution to the chronic blood problem in T&T (currently 20,000 when we should have 65,000 pints in reserve).

From the get-go we agreed to set ourselves the much bigger goal of raising awareness, getting new people to give, and getting these people registered to give again. Our aim wasn’t for it to be a one-off collection, but to start planting the seeds of a habit to give regularly towards building up our national reserves and ultimately, saving lives.




Getting the word out was no easy task. Just to give you guys an idea, we:

  • got some huge banners printed and put up
  • made flyers and distributed them
  • got an amazing video done up
  • got a radio ad sponsored and done for us, and we even
  • got radio interviews two days before the event on, not one, not two, but three radio stations (each catering to its own unique crowd)

Also we had the support of all Presentation College Chaguanas Alumni and Dental Students Association members who were behind us all along the way.

Lending a hand

Time to collect

And finally on to the day all this preparation was for.

Our team was out in full force making sure everything ran smoothly. We had all the equipment in place and a selection of refreshments laid out for our brave donors.

As everyone who was there would tell you, we had a pretty relaxed, friendly vibe going on. Of course there were our one or two nervous donors, but the love and support was there so that not even this would be a problem.

And we can’t forget the lovely staff from the blood bank who had a fair amount to do with this. Kudos to them for handling the constant flow of people in and out of those chairs throughout the day (one even joked, “next one we have to bring down coast guard and army too”). They had a whole lot of fun, and so did we.

One love


So what came from all of this? Well at the time they stopped collecting we had hit the 40 pint mark.

More amazing than this though was the fact that a staggering 34 pints were from new donors. There were more waiting to give too but sadly we couldn’t accommodate everyone.

In total, just over 100 people were registered to give, and of these about 60 were done prior to the event through our official email and telephone contacts.

We think it would be safe to say that from the overwhelming pre-registration, turnout and show of support that people were definitely made aware, and more importantly, were moved to participate. Considering it was our first drive, it was definitely a huge success for us, and as an organization we learnt a great deal from it to take forward to future drives and other projects. So look out for us because we promise you that for whatever we move on to in the future, it’s going to be big!




Serala, Scrapes Car Wash Trincity, SK Printers, Motor City, SLAM 100.5, 94.1 Boom Champions, Sangeet 106.1

Functional Support

BAKERY TREATZ, Flower Time, Robinson’s Juice, SM Jaleel, Mrs. Lall for the cheese paste sandwiches and tables, Sasha for the milk drinks, puffs and pies, Mrs. D and family for the brownies, snacks and handling of the refreshments section, everyone who aided in ensuring donors were comfortable and well taken care of.

and of course the hard working and diligent Blood Bank staff!

SG Team with Blood Bank staff

Some of our contributors