M.E.D.S. Charity Drive

We’re helping out the people over at MEDS (an undergrad society based in Mt. Hope).

For Indian Arrival Day this year, they did a small-scale charity drive where they collected items from classmates and executive members to help a family that they knew needed it. When they got there they realised there were a lot more homes in the area that could use some assistance too.

This was an unacceptable situation for them and from this need the charity drive BAC TO D’ BASICS was born.



TARGET : Homes in Bamboo No 1


• food items
• toiletries
• household items
• used-clothing
• books
and of course anything else appropriate

DEADLINE : July 22nd

They’re aiming to have everything collected by July 22nd for distribution on July 30th.

They’ve also made donating very easy with reps in different areas of the country. Here’s the list:

  • FREEPORT, COUVA                                                           – Marsha    (797-2512)
  • SANGRE GRANDE + ENVIRONS                                  – Asha          (731-0807)
  • CUMUTO + ENVIRONS                                                    – Sunita      (703-5473)
  • TACARIGUA/TRINCITY + ENVIRONS                       – Lirmala   (749-1488)
  • PRINCES TOWN, SAN FERNANDO + ENVIRONS    – Artee         (798-4829)
  • CHAGUANAS, PRICE PLAZA                                           – Annalisa (682-9977)
    NOTE: Drop-off box available at the Price Club Grocery, Chaguanas
  • and of course, MT HOPE + UWI MAIN CAMPUS where anyone would be available

Also check out the Event Page over on Facebook

So let’s all get together and see what THINGS we can come up with to give. We’ve got to hurry though ’cause they’re counting on all of us to help and they’re on the clock!