Our 2nd Blood Drive – In Review

Our 2nd Blood Drive – In Review

Blood Drive the sequel

And this time we were down in south – Pres Sando to be exact.

Billboard awareness

So how did we get here? Let’s recap. Back in September of last year, it was brought to our attention that Trinidad & Tobago (for whatever reason) has a serious shortage of blood. Estimates put it at about one third of what levels should be. Now this just wouldn’t do and we knew that what T&T needed wasn’t just another blood drive. It needed an awareness campaign!

The thing is, given the size of our population there would be more than enough potential donors to get us back to acceptable levels. So why not leverage this?

We went to Chaguanas for our first blood drive and while it was a success and we were able to collect 40 pints, the even bigger success was that 34 of these were new donors. These are people who hadn’t given before and who the blood bank had no access to. No doubt this is just a small number given the scale of what we’re working with, but it was a start. And more importantly, what does this number 34 tell us?

Flyers at Gulf City

In the weeks leading up to the blood drive, we hit the streets spreading the word and educating people about the process of giving blood. We made flyers, phoned up friends, and did little bits on the radio about the giving process and how simple it is. The fact that 34 of our donors were new tells us that this campaign helped, and that the word was out there.

Fast forward to the second drive now. We’re still spreading the word and getting the levels up. We moved from Central to South, and we popped another chair in the room. This time we were able to collect a whopping 52 pints! We’re proud to say that a healthy proportion were still first-timers (30) and we’re also proud that a number of our Chaguanas donors joined us for a ‘second rounds’.

Looks like we’re on the right track, and we’re not stopping there. Our next stop? The east at the Hillview College. We’re still going and we’re still spreading the word, because there’s a whole load of people we haven’t been able to ‘tap into’ yet.

We’d like to add that even if you weren’t able to come down this time, you can still help spread the word. ‘All blood is one blood’ and you don’t have to wait for our blood drives. There are a number going on across the country, and you can also drop in at certain designated clinics (email us for info). We’re currently working together with the blood bank to set up a directory of sorts for these drives so that we can make giving and sharing as easy as possible (in progress at blooddrivett.com).

1st donor, 2nd-timer with SG, & look how easy it was!

Here at Share Goodness we say we’re looking for three aspects of giving: Time, Talent & Things. But giving blood represents a fourth we hadn’t originally considered. It represents literally giving of yourself, and this can go a long way to helping save someone’s life.

We’re glad you’ve found us and do keep an eye out. Bigger and better things still just on the horizon!

From all of us here at Share Goodness.
One Love!