Summer Heroes – Trinidad Home Studio

Summer Heroes – Trinidad Home Studio

Supporting: Trinidad Home Studio

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Timeframe: 16 July – 10 Sep

Here’s something a bit different to what we normally do. What do you make of art as a way to help kids learn? What about as a way to express themselves that’s both healthy and fun?

We think creative expressions are a great tool in helping kids develop and that’s why we’re happy to support Trinidad Home Studio in this initiative.



So what’s their plan?… well it’s in two phases actually.

The first? An art competition! But not just any art competition. This one aims to let kids express idols, and aspirations (secret or open) in their life through the creation of their very own superheroes! They’ll also be encouraged to share with us what positive change they would enact with their new found super powers.

Trinidad Home Studio is running this competition for kids aged 6 – 10 all across the nation, but there’s a special second component of it that would focus on kids in 15 Children’s homes identified by them. Here they will give certificates of participation and specially selected, personalized gifts aimed at encouraging the kids’ continued creativity. These would be given to all the kids participating in the homes. The works submitted would also go up on display on their main website and be re-distributed to the kids in a printed publication. How’s that for fostering pride and encouraging a sense self worth?

So how can you help out?


A big part of the initiative is encouraging expression through creativity. We’re looking for our creatives to come forward with this one. What items have inspired you or enabled you to do your work when you were younger? What would you have been absolutely thrilled to receive as a child that would have encouraged your creativity?

We’re looking for both your ideas and in-kind donations for the personalized prizes that would be given to each child.

More generally, we’re also looking for donation/sponsorship of specific books (they have a list) or art supplies, so feel free to come forward even if you have no artistic inclination whatsoever.

The future of Trinidad really is in the hands of our children, and we feel that a future that includes people who can think creatively and ‘outside the box’ is one that we’d like to be a part of.



Details on collection points here.


  • Please seal the items in a bag or a box. Please label clearly on the bag or box SUMMER HEROES DONATION.
  • Inside the bag or box please supply your contact information and full name. Either email and phone and/or mailing address. They would like to thank you and credit you if you agree to be named.
  • Please contact Trinidad Home Studio if you are donating materials.

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